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Karen Zerby's Guilt

Posted by Natacha Tormey on September 24, 2016 at 10:45 AM



Karen Elva Zerby legally changed her name to Katherine Rianna Smith in 1997 and uses the following pseudonyms: Mama, Mama Maria, Queen Maria, Maria David, Maria Berg, Maria Fontaine.


She is the current leader of The Family International, formerly known as The Family of Love and The Children of God. She proclaims herself to be one of Jesus’s favourite lovers and a prophetess who will lead God’s true Christian army in the last days of the world’s existence.

She succeeded her husband, David Berg, and is now married to Berg’s former right hand man, Steven Douglas Kelly, who legally changed his name to Christopher Smith and who uses the following pseudonyms: Peter Kelly, Peter Amsterdam and King Peter.

Karen Zerby’s location has been kept a secret for over 40 years, though she was last rumoured to be living in Ajijic, Mexico. She has been accused of being involved in the abuse of her son, Ricky Rodriguez, who went on to murder another of his abusers, his former nanny, before killing himself. Details of the abuse he suffered is described on

‘In photographs and written accounts published by The Family in the Story of Davidito, Sara Kelley documented the sexual abuse of Ricky Rodriguez and other children by a number of adults, including Karen Zerby. The Story of Davidito indicates that Zerby intentionally had sexual intercourse in her son's presence, permitted others to photograph his sexual abuse, permitted these photographs and written accounts of the abuse to be published in Family publications distributed to thousands of Family members, and allowed Kelley and other adults to sexually abuse him, including allowing and encouraging adult women to fondle his genitals and perform fellatio on him.

‘In chapter 61, “Return to Madrid!”, Sara described a number of acts of child sexual abuse that occurred one night in the David Berg household in 1978, when Ricky Rodriguez was 3 years and 2 months old. Among other things, Kelley described how Karen Zerby had sexual intercourse with Michael Sweeney (Timothy Concerned) on the floor as her son watched. Kelley also noted that while she was sexually molesting Zerby's son later that night, Zerby, Sweeney and Alfred Strickland Kelley stood outside the door listening.’

She was also accused of having sexual intercourse with her son when he was twelve years of age.

For legal reasons I am forced to add here that Karen Zerby has repeatedly denied all allegations of abuse, despite the photographic and literary evidence in ‘The Story of Davidito’ book, and despite her son’s testimony (amongst others) in the suicide video left behind.

A copy of the video can be found here, though I must warn you, it is not for the faint hearted and is certainly not suitable to be viewed by children:

Zerby’s Role in the Abuse of Minors

In the 90s, when the cult’s practices were exposed and several international judiciary bodies began to investigate allegations of child abuse, Karen Zerby conveniently placed all the blame on her recently deceased husband, David Berg.

After all, Berg was the founder and leader of the cult when sexual abuse was most rampant. His name was written in black and white on several compromising letters to his followers, in which child abuse was encouraged.

But Zerby’s role was well known within the cult, and is the reason so many ex-members are furious that she is currently living a carefree, wealthy life, rather than one behind bars, which is exactly where she belongs.

Zerby confirmed her status in a letter she wrote to her followers in 1994, in which she announced Berg’s death and quoted his words, ‘Maria is already my manager and tells me what to do’. These words came as no surprise to cult members as she had long been Berg’s secretary, muse and the primary influence behind his writings. In fact, for at least two decades it was understood that she was in fact running the cult behind the scenes. Her aging, alcoholic husband had long been unfit to run the organisation and she had taken over the daily management of the cult with Steven Kelly.

Nothing was published and sent out to cult members without Zerby’s involvement and approval, which is why it was incredulous that she went on to claim that she had played no part in the child sex letters that Berg sent out...or the ‘Story of Davidito’ book, in which she featured heavily.

In fact, Zerby would just like us all to forget about everything that happened prior to her official takeover in 1994.

No chance.

My Message to Zerby

For as long as I live, I will continuously remind the world of your involvement in the crimes that YOU, The Family International’s leaders and some of its members committed in the past. The past does not disappear, nor can it be erased, no matter how many phony, insincere apologies you make - in which you take every opportunity to insist that you are blameless.

You are to blame. You were actively involved in the writing, editing and publishing of all the letters that were sent out throughout the 70s and 80s, in which child sex was promoted and encouraged - letters which gave the green light to every pervert in the cult to abuse children in their care. Thousands of children were sexually, physically and emotionally abused consistently, over a long period, and you and your management team were not only fully aware of this, but condoned such practices. To deny it is an insult to every one of your victims, as is your lame attempt to hide behind your deceased paedophile husband, David Berg. You were present when he abused minors and the words and images in The Davidito Book provide ample evidence that you too were directly involved in the sexual abuse of your son and his childhood friend, Davida.

I do not know if the law will ever catch up with you. You have played a clever game and have gotten away with it so far, but one day you will pay, be it via the hand of justice or karma.

Until then, our voices will continue to rise up against you. You cannot silence or intimidate us because we know who you truly are and the crimes that you have committed. That is why you fear those of us who speak out. You issue statements through your lawyers, just like you did when I appeared on the ‘This Morning’ show, and yet you stop short of taking legal action against people like me, whom you claim to be liars. Why is that? Because you are guilty and you dare not step forward with a legal case for defamation because you know that we are just waiting for a chance to meet you or your representatives in a court of law.

That is why you will never again be able to walk around in public without looking over your shoulder - because you just don’t know who will spot you next.

That is why you will never be able to settle into a peaceful retirement – because you don’t know when will you get that knock on your door.

What a life full of anxiety you must live...perhaps that is karma already at work.


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Reply Victim77
11:32 AM on November 24, 2017 
You screwed my life up beyond any possibility of recovery! It caused me to screw up the life of my family. Most of all it caused me to destroy the life of my children.
You and your filthy ideology screwed us up. I was born there, raised by your ideology. I never sought help because I was afraid. I was taught to be afraid of society. Everything you taught is contrary to what is good. You mixed your ideology with abuse, mental abuse and much more. You tortured us! Took away our sense of dignity and self-worth.
I was a victim of your side, pet-project Monarch Mind-Control program. Yes, I was in Matsumoto at the concentration program -Victor Camp 2nD session. They treated us like victims at Auschwitz; shaved head, signs around our necks, isolation, food depravity, emotional abuse, degradation, hard labor. Punishment, beatings is what they gave us. That is what you call love you sick fuck!! WE WERE ONLY CHILDREN!! We wanted our mommies and daddies, but were never allowed to see them. I was later sent to Kamakura Victor Camp, then HCS in Tateyama with the Attack Team. I lived with the late, Ben Farnesworth, who committed suicide eventually, and all those others who had to endure the concentration gulag in Macao.
I was a boy, raised in a deeply disturbed society -YOURS! I lived in fear daily. Beaten, mentally abused and brainwashed all the way through, about the ways that were wrong, unhealthy, destructive. I was just a kid. How can you do this to us? How can you sleep at night?
I had a run-in with the law. Now, my life is hell. Abused for 18 years, mentally and physically, I now must suffer consequences of the evil you put in our minds. Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, severe depression amongst others. I still have to suffer at the mercy of my stalkers and haters. They don't understand. I am sorry for everything. I hurt the ones I loved the most. but there are causes for everything. IT IS YOUR FAULT! We were not taught where boundaries lie. Because of this, one does what is out of bounds, no matter if they are told it is wrong. It isn't that simple, not after a life time of being mind-controlled. You are a child abuser, a true and genuine rapist, promoting it and pushing it onto us children. FUCK YOU!!!
I finally got help, but it was too late. You caused me to destroy my life completely, inside and out. I am now an outcast, shunned by family, friends, children, society.
The courts used my fucking past against me. They posted your filthy MO letters on screen with its photos to use it to sentence me to prison. I was sentenced to 4.5 years fucking years behind bars!! Abused and punished, then punished again. I never even read those publications, I was just five years old when they came out! I was brought up by strangers who followed those teachings. Do you understand how fucked up that is?!?!
I am sorry, BUT ARE YOU? I seriously doubt it. You are a psychopath. You spent so many decades doing what you did, promoting it and supporting it. NO, only a person with zero empathy can do such a thing. YOU killed your son. You drove him to do it. it is YOUR fault!
If you really want this to go away, I can tell you that there is only one way -financial compensation. This for all the years we have suffered. Many of my friends have committed suicide after being in your hell hole. I have tried many times, but I haven't yet, cause I am determined to continue living and breathing until the day I meet you, or until I know that you have been brought to justice to face charges for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!
No wonder you and your acolytes are never caught, its because you are protected by nameless entities who have been supporting you for alterior motives. Admit it! Your organization was just a cover on the behalf of a mind-control research program funded by (no name given). You know who I mean. Deny it all you want, you know it is the truth.
If I see you in my country -RUN!!
Reply Natacha Tormey
12:41 PM on November 24, 2017 
I am so sorry to hear about what you went through. The camps in Japan did have a terrible reputation so I can only imagine the trauma you suffered. I hope you are on the road to recovery. Please do not allow these sickening people to ruin another minute of your life. You deserve to find peace and happiness, though it may be a long road to get there. Do stay in touch via my website or social media. I am interested in your angle re mind control experiments, so if you wanted to share more on that subject you can write to me via my contact page here or my Facebook author page. I truly wish you the best and thank you for sharing your views on this vile woman.
Natacha Tormey
Reply Emma
9:41 PM on February 20, 2019 
Why is she not in prison yet?
Reply A Concerned Person
9:54 AM on July 11, 2019 
Mrs. Zerby, I have no clue what in the world is running through your sick mind, but I want you to know that you are tainting the name of Jesus and have no part in Him whatsoever! Clearly, you haven't actually read the Bible (at least all of it) or you wouldn't be in so much garbage as you are now. You are a disgusting, vile human being who deserves the death penalty and worse for what you've done to innocent children. God cares about innocent children, and you will not go unpunished. And trust me, the only place you're gonna end up in is HELL. There's NO WAY you're gonna be leading the army of God, you're filthy and nasty. Words can't even describe the hate or disgust I feel towards you, you child molester. You are the lowest of the scum of the Earth
Reply Natacha Tormey
4:38 AM on July 16, 2019 
Emma says...
Why is she not in prison yet?
Because international authorities refuse to work together against cults and because of statute of limitations that prevent victims from seeking justice after a certain delay (which has usually expired by the time they leave the cult and realise what they have been through). Overall, there is simply a lack of interest by authorities, particularly in the US. They are guilty of failing to act despite having ample knowledge, witness statements and evidence for the past 2 decades.
Reply EdwardWeify
6:56 PM on April 17, 2020 
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Reply Pawel vel Polish Phillippe
8:42 AM on August 16, 2020 
Hi eveyone Concerned.
Ive been in the sect for about 15 yrs. All the time in the EE and Russia. Left with my wife and 5 kids, one with Down Syndrome. Our life turned out ok, but i see terrible impact that it had on my kids, especially older ones. All that to say, that i would love to see the justive reach those people Karen, Steve and all those who in cynical way used thousands of people, wrecked their lifes for personal gain. If there are more people thinking alike, lets try to do smth about it. They are guilty ones and should pay for it
Reply AcleGuilk
9:23 PM on September 11, 2020 
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